Vaginal Steam Herb Blend

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Uses: 6 steams or baths

Do NOT steam if you are pregnant, if you are on your period or after sex while trying to conceive. If you have any vaginal piercings remove them prior to steaming.


1. Bring 6 cups of water to a boil in an earthenware glass, enameled cast iron, or a stainless steel pot
2. Add in herbs and turn burner to low
3. Let steep for no less than 10 minutes
4. Cleanse your space and set your intentions (using sage, palo santo, incense etc)
5.Check the temperature by waving your hand over the tea the steam should be comfortable. If it is too hot wait 5 minutes and try again
6. Remove undergarments and wrap yourself in a blanket or robe
7. You will begin to feel a warm rolling heat 

PLEASE NOTE: Women that have short menstrual cycles (27 days or less) it is best to get the SOOTHING Blend.

The Restorative Herb Blend is formulated as the strongest herb blend. It helps cleanse the uterus and cervix while improving circulation of the blood. The herbs support a healthy balance of the vaginal flora, promote proper circulation, nourish the reproductive organs, and to clear out mucus in the cervix.

This blend is best suitable for: Women who experience normal to long menstrual cycles (28 days or longer) If you have irregular cycles without a know cause If you are on birth control If you just had a baby (can begin steaming as early as 4 days postpartum) If you have fibroids or endometriosis

The Soothing Blend is formulated as the mildest blend to cleanse the uterus and provide support for women. It combines the healing properties of mugwort, nettle leaf, and astragulus root to provide relief to various menstrual problems. This blend is best suitable for women having short menstrual cycles, who bleed in between periods or have experienced 2 periods per month within the last 3 months.

The Purify Herb Blend is formulated with disinfecting herbs to support women that are prone to excess cervical mucus from infections and viruses. The herbal actions used in this blend are to help provide a healthy balance and restore vaginal flora with the intent to kill bacteria, yeast and viruses. This blend is best suitable for women who are prone to yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis or other vaginal bacterial infections.

The Cool Down Herb Blend is formulated to support women that are experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness or those that live in generally hot climate zones. The herbs support a healthy balance of moisture promote circulation, nourish and provide cooling relief.

The Fertility Blend is formulated for women actively trying to conceive. It contains herbs that nurture and nourish the uterus, cleanses old tissue, lining and residue that is preventing implantation from occurring. The Fertility blend supports healthy blood and uterus circulation and detoxes from birth control. It also increases vaginal nectar (clear pleasant smelling fertile mucus) and boosts libido .

Vaginal Steaming Instructions

What is Vaginal Steaming?
Vaginal steaming also known as yoni steaming has been by used by women of all cultures for thousands of years to promote healing, balance, and well-being to the womb and reproductive organs. By sending an aromatic blend of warm herbal steam gently through the yoni the woman is opening herself up to healing, cleansing and connection to the deepest parts of herself. The herbs are carefully selected to help fortify, cleanse, detox, strengthen, and tone a women’s most intimate and loving parts.
What are the benefits?
Deep Sleep, Relaxation, Increased Vaginal Nectar (clear pleasant smelling fertile mucus), Heightened Fertility, Heightened Libido/Sexual Sensations, Circulation Improvement, Decreased PMS Symptoms, Emotional Balance, Skin Beautification, Tighten/Lifted Vaginal Canal, Scar Softening, Helps Prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs and many many more.


If you have any vaginal piercings please remove them prior to steaming. 

What does a yoni steam feel like?
Imagine a personal sauna for your yoni. Have a seat and receive the relaxing and healing benefits of a facial with medicinal purposes.

What will I feel after my first yoni steam?
Every woman has a different body and will have different results. Some women experience shifts in their menstrual cycle. For others it takes time and dedication to the practice to achieve the desired results. Many women will receive their menstrual cycle a few days earlier wit their first steam. Some experience an increase feeling in their womb from cramping to heaviness. This is a result of the herbs supporting your body to contract and release old blood and tissue that your body may have been storing from YEARS of incomplete bleeding. Yoni steaming helps decongest any irregular (thick, white, green, clumpy or excess) mucus on the uterine lining or in the cervix. Do not be surprised if/when you experience dark blood, heavier bleeding, and or clots. This is your body being fully cleared out for perhaps the first time in your life. So relax and go with it. As you continue your steam ritual your cycle with become easier and reduce PMS symptoms. Remember, the foods we choose to consume has a lot to do with how our bodies feel. When we eat clean, we feel clean.

How often should I steam?
I recommend you have a consultation with me so that I can create a steam plan that is tailored to you and your needs by looking at your history and any ailments you may be experiencing. Otherwise I recommend one of 2 plans; 1x a week to target the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle or 3 days before your period and 3 days after your period to prep your period and prevent cramps and to ensure a full cleanse.

How long should I steam?
How long you should steam depends on a couple of factors
Steaming is very powerful and some women only need to steam for a short amount of time in order for it to be effective. If they steam for too long it might be overdoing it. The women that fit into this category have short menstrual cycles (27 days or fewer), intermittent bleeding or have signs of excess heat (night sweats, hot flashes, prone to infections.)
Women with normal menstrual cycles (28-30 days) or who are postpartum and post-menopause, usually most benefit from a steam session that is no longer than 30 minutes long.

Use the following guide to determine the duration of your steam session

Short session(10-15 min)
Prone to Infection
Short Menstrual Cycle (27 days or less)
Bleeding in between periods
Night sweats/Hot flashes
Medium Session (No longer than 30 minutes)
Normal Menstrual cycles(28-30 days)
Post menopause

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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