Our Story

Hi, My name is Amira and I am a birth doula and vaginal steam facilitator at Adrian’s Garden located in Durham, North Carolina.  Adrian’s Garden promotes reproductive wellness by offering women an alternative method of healing in a more natural and holistic way while encouraging women to reclaim their feminine health and wellness by understanding their cycles. Adrian's Garden offers a variety of products such as vaginal steaming herb blends that treat common vaginal infections that women experience without the dreaded side effects that often come from over the counter medicines and prescriptions. We also create handmade waist beads to encourage women to love their body as is!

Adrian’s Garden offers 6 different vaginal steam herbal blends depending on any imbalances (if any) a woman may be experiencing. Our products help address and act as a preventative measure to any issues from everyday life such as yeast infections, low libido, and bacterial vaginosis. 

Our customers range from women with PCOS or fibroids to women trying to conceive and even women wanting something to add to their self-care routine. 

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