Contraindications-Trying to Conceive

If actively trying to conceive vaginal steaming is contraindicated after insemination (or in the case of IVF or IUI after transfer). Only steam after the period up until insemination and then stop.

Before doing that, however, it is recommended to take 3 months of steaming to correct any period imbalances such as old residue, short cycles, infections and so on. These period imbalances may be signs the uterus is not favorable for conception. Steaming may result in a quick conception but if the uterus is not healthy it still might end is a pregnancy loss. The ultimate goal is to have a healthy pregnancy, not to quickly conceive. Taking the time to work on a healthy cycle prior to conception may help ensure a successful pregnancy and reduce incidence of loss.

Vaginal steaming may be very useful to enhance your fertility. It is recommended to do 3-6 months of vaginal steaming prep in order to make sure you have a healthy uterus for pregnancy before trying to conceive.