Featured Product of the Week- Gina Juice

Posted by Amira Coachman on

Hey Sunshine's, 
I want to take the time to introduce to you a new product that we have. It's called Gina Juice (Pronounced Jy-Nuh… like vagina, but without the va sound") Gina Juice is an all natural herbal tea blend formulated with herbs, spices, fruits that is designed to increase your sexual experience by boosting your libido and increasing your sexual sensations and improving your energy. Gina Juice can be consumed 1-3 times a day prior to and during your period to soothe and reduce pain associated with your menstrual cycle.

Red Raspberry Leaf- Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, strengthens and tones the uterus

Pineapples- Improve digestion, boosts, immunity 

Slippery Elm- Read the first word again, slippery- relieves vaginal dryness, prevents uti's

Damiana- Boosts physical stamina, natural aphrodisiac

Hibiscus= Relieve pain, promotes balance

Cranberries- Gets rid of bacteria that cause UTI's

Elderberries- Natural immune booster